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The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century

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"No employer should review your genetic records along with your resume" - President Clinton, February 8, 2000


Notes used in the creation of Database Nation:

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Inside the Beltway: The Politics of Privacy, by Marc Rotenberg
Tenant screening service forms
Credit Cards in America, by David A. Szwak [other Szwak clips]
Privacy Journal 2001 Report on Social Security Numbers

Chapter 4: What did you do today?

[full chapter]
Vision of ITS, presented at CFP 1995
Fax from AMTech Systems regarding their Automatic Toll Collection technology.
FAA Authorizes airlines to collect information on pilots
New York State Thruway Authority justification of E-ZPASS
Visa Issuer Privacy Principles, 1996

Chapter 5: The View From Above

Curry, Michael, "Spatial Data Systems and the End of Democracy"

Chapter 6: To Know Your Future

AIDS, testing, and privacy: an analysis of case histories, Alice Philipson, Gary James Wood, San Francisco, CA, February 24, 1987
Absolutely not confidential, Hippocrates 1989
MIB Fact Sheet, circa 1990
Florida youth linked to AIDS hoax
Correspondence with Beth Israel Hospital on privacy issues

Chapter 9

Law Enforcement Requirements for the Surveillance of Electronic Communiations

Chapter 10

The Computer As Scapegoat
Newt Gingrich on Information Warfare (1995)
Privacy vs. security